Handy iPhone App

April 4th, 2012 by Biky Nick

It says it’s for walking and texting, but I can see absolutely no reason why you couldn’t use it while cycling as well. Safe texting!

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25 Things To Do With A Bike (An Occasional Series) — #1

April 4th, 2012 by Biky Nick

The first of my 25 suggestions to you of things to do with your new bicycle is also the most obvious one: you can cycle.
As soon as you have purchased a bike (and cycling gear, and well-fitting shoes, a cycling map, reflective jacket, rain protection, liability insurance, cycle damage and loss insurance, a helmet, panniers, a puncture repair kit, a chain lock, and a wheel lock, all of which can be purchased from my shop), you will want to take it on the road.

Now you will be asking yourself, whither do I cycle? Take your cycle map and draw a rough circle around where you are, representing the distance you can plausibly travel in the time you want to take. If you have never cycled before, you may need to perform some test rides to establish a time frame. Remember that you will need to double the time, if you are also cycling back, or treble, if you plan to return by public transport. Now look around the circle and notice any intersecting interesting sights. Pick one, eat lunch, and off you go!

These people have just been to see that interesting little white church. If they had been travelling in the car, they would have whooshed past a white blur and they would never have known to stop and have a look. Cycling really gets you out and about, seeing things and taking the moral high ground!

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Brits are stoopit

April 4th, 2012 by Biky Nick

This snake got mistaken for a draught excluder, and on the same day (?) this puppy was mistaken for a cuddly toy, and had to be put down.

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Biking is such fun!

April 3rd, 2012 by Biky Nick

This is an example of all the fun you are missing when you have not got a bike. This can only mean one thing: you need a bike, pronto. Come round to my shop and buy one!

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