May 29th, 2012 by Biky Nick

The recent Facebook IPO fiasco reminds us that life is full of risks. Just as easily as Mark Zuckerberg having his personal fortune shaved down to a measly $15.8bn, we can have a close shave with a lorry, or, even worse, an actual shave on the tarmac. Quite like the Facebook IPO offering on its first day, expecting to ‘pop’ within hours, we may have set off on a glorious morning, thinking the day can only improve. When we find ourselves at A&E a little while later, we realise that falling can not always be forseen.

Overconfidence. Just like the overvaluation of the Facebook stock before launch, which was destined to prove fatal in the first few hours of trading, if we overestimate our cycling abilities, we are more likely to come off our bike.

Computer failure. Check your bike computer regularly for malfunction. Just like NASDAQ’s computer failure hampering fulfillment of share orders in the first half hour of Facebook going public, and the ensuing chaos to trade this caused, a bike computer displaying the wrong road speed, for instance, can impair judgement of your surroundings.

Pump and Dump. Just like Facebook attempting to flog 400 million shares where 2 million would have sufficed to glut the market, setting out for a 150-mile trip without being ready may see you plunge headfirst too.

‘Record Retail Demand.’ Facebook’s hype caused a lone stock buyer to think that they had company, in the same way they looked at their Facebook friend list and thought they were popular. We don’t fall for claptrap like that, which is why Nick’s Biky Shop is your one-stop shop for all your cycling demands. We don’t change the prices a few minutes after you’ve come in, and we’re not in thrall to the stockholders.

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