I know loads of shit about bikes

Buying a bicycle can be a daunting experience. When it comes to buying a bike, you are in Good hands at Nick's bikes, because we take selling bikes serious to a point of like really serious. I will not mess you about, I tell it like it is. If the 3/4" cranking gear sheathing hose is too tight for you, I will replace it with a glormer without quibble. And if, after you have ridden it for a while, and you find you don't like it, you can always flog it back to me. No questions asked.

What more encouragement do you need. Turn up to my shop man, and see how much you like my merchandise.


( You didn't think we'd forget, right? )


It seems like WD-40 can be used to lubricate just about any moving metal part. But is this true? Are there instances when WD-40 can be harmful?



Gratuitous Images


A small Dude on a bike, but not the kind of bike I'm wanting to flog ya.

Loads of small dudes on ?bikes. You can hardly make it out.

xmas cactus

Whoever owned my phone before me, did rather better with the christmas cactus than I did. But my curtains don't suck.