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Look here often for special deals!
There are special deals all the time! They always come with something free. Who knows what it will be.

Today's Special



Today's special offer is a very special bike that used to belong to a very special man, and a proper bargain at £19. This bike comes with literally TONS of features. It has wheels! It has breaks! It even comes with a saddle! There are some reflector type things on it, for god sake! There's oodles of cables, and to top it all, it could be yours! Get it while its hot.

Not Today's Special

The stunning backdrop of carampervans alone makes the circuit worth traversing at least 15 times.


Here is one of the books I should be reading right now. Gender in Romantic Era Poetry. No, worse, 'gendering' which I did not even know was a word. Yeah. Well. A minumum of 2900 words are due very soon indeed.